Friday, March 25, 2011

Linux Vs Windows under VMWare ESXi

Round 2 of my Linux vs Windows Battle

This video shows my virtual machines from my production servers running during the weekend.
The weekend part is important.
During weekend, no user will login to the windows domain servers, no user will have it's outlook open (and since exchange is not proxing accounts, no action whatsoever will happen), no one will use Sharepoint server too, so no webserver and Database hits will occur.
So why is it so important?
Because all of my windows servers are idling... and that's perceptible on the video by the extreme low mhz usage on the green graphic on the right of each machine.

The linux machines however are working very hard.
The webserver in ubuntu 64 running Jrun4 and Coldfusion9 is running jobs every minute and at each it's processing 500 mails on a HALF A MILLION mails database.
The same database, registering the sending, is running on another Ubuntu server 32bit on an MySQL instance and the same server runs a SAP MaxDB Instance.

Let's look at this video and take conclusions.

Windows, though in IDLE is consuming an average of 700Mb/ machine.
The linux under heavy load is consuming amost a gigabite on the webserver running a webserver + a 500mb java virtual machine to support the coldfusion.
The linux database is having all the hits from the mailing list on the MySQL instance and oscillates between 300 and 400Mb.

Conclusion is that a well design kernel and operating system, will consume under heavy load, IN AVERAGE, just about the same as a poorly designed kernel and operating system IDLING.

Now add the price tag.... how much for the linux? ZIP, NADA, NOTHING... how about windows?

Thinking clear already?

I.T.Managers all over the world : LEARN TO DO YOUR JOBS and start thinking. The real cost of I.T.Investment goes way beyond the "Windows buys me time" crap.... your job is more than just clicking NEXT and stupid installation wizards, you know?

Microsoft Does have some excellent products. I do recommend Office2003 and 2010 (forget about the 2007), and I recommend even more Microsoft Project 2003 and the new brilliant 2010...but I make my I.T. choices based on value for money, instead of brand and amount of wizards available to mask my lack of knowledge.
Don't get me wrong. I DO USE Microsoft. I DO LIKE some of their products. It's just like a car brand. I LOVE the HONDA S2000 and the HONDA NSX and the HONDA CIVIC Type-R... and I ALSO HATE every car they sell today. I mean, there is nothing good coming from honda cars these days.
I have the same approach with computers. I hate some Linux flavours, I hate some Linux features.
To My point of view, back when Apple decided to use the freeBSD kernel and built an GUI on top of it, Microsoft should have done the same, instead of going ANTI-OPENSOURCE.

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