Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thank you Google

The eternal Google - Microsoft battle is long known, however, it recently got heated as Microsoft condemned the Google engineer responsible for finding zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft software.
As a result of this reaction, Google announced its new disclosure policy:
After discovering new vulnerabilities, they will alert the software manufacturer and wait 7 days before disclosing the findings to the world. This will allow the manufacturer to patch the software.
So summing up, you now have the new seven-day vulnerability and the software manufacturers will be forced to invest in product quality.
This is big! Google, not only tries their best to give you quality products (most of them, FREE), they now set the pace for the industry.
The message is clear : be good or be gone from the software industry...
Thought this is a clear comment-made-non-comment to Microsoft reaction, in truth it doesn't target Microsoft as the giant has more than capacity to solve and patch the world well within the 7 day timer; however for a lot of other software makers out there, this is "the grow up call".

You gotta love Google.

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